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Your project and task management tool

More than a task management tool


Your team working with agility

Visualize everything that is happening in the team, tasks in progress, overdue and the progress of your team and your project.
Task groups (Kanban)

Centralized information and at your fingertips

All in a "live" board, with tasks moving between phases. Greater control and visibility.

Don't lose sight of tasks

Here you have control of all the tasks that you created and sent to someone else on the team, without risking forgetting or missing the deadline.

Get more productivity

More team productivity

Control deadlines, phases, talk to your customer in a simple and fast way, all centralized in a single tool.

Our boards will help you control the entire company

That task that starts in one department, then goes to another, to another, until it is finished? We have visions for each department, showing only the information that each needs to see.
On time

Meet your customer automatically

Your customer can send you an email and create a task, and follow the progress through our Service Desk.

Imagem conversa service desk

Serve your customer faster

With ServiceDesk, your customer can open calls, which turn into tasks for his team, and the better, he can follow the execution and even interact with the task. Enough of calling the company to ask how the task is.

Need to streamline some processes using your current software?

No problem, as we have a fully documented and sample Integration API that you can use to communicate with TaskFly simply and quickly.
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Access from anywhere!

The information always together with you!

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A complete platform!

With TaskFly you have total control of your team!
Track your staff's productivity with graphs and reports, receive tasks from your customers or external team, export or import information wherever you want!

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