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Our Solutions

Team timer

With productivity performance

KanBan panel

Unique, sleek look and smart cards for more specific controls.


It has performance indicators

Transfer history

Communication, storing transfer history

Azure DevOps

Integration with Azure DevOps


Integrate any tool 100% with TaskFly API!

Service Desk

Service that allows interaction with external people. Indicated for Consultants and Coaching.

Connection with BI

This way you can view the information through custom charts and panels.

Management and control

Enables task management and project control

Our differences
More than a task management tool!

Ever wondered how much time was spent on some task?
With TaskFly you have the time that was worked on each one!
Do you use many papers to organize your tasks?
With TaskFly you have a simple way to organize your work!

Is left wondering where did that task?
TaskFly gives you real-time control of tasks!
Has it ever happened to be outside and need you?
Using TaskFly you have notifications and access from anywhere!

Complete task management solution!
Much work without seeing the results?
Aggregate all your task and take control of them!
Your customers always bind to know about the task progress?
Using the TaskFly Service Desk your clients can see how the task progresses in real time!

Have you ever passed a task and wondered if it was being done?
With TaskFly you can see in real time who is working!
Do you dream of solving all problems in a single day?
With TaskFly you can solve tasks by priority!

Organize your business spending little

App Mobile / Desktop

Interact with tasks
View information straight from your cell phone
Create new tasks
Control the time of each activity
Track productivity charts
Get transfer history
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